Sunday, March 6, 2011

Before and After: Selective Addition of Pops of Color | Tacoma Photographer

A pop of color is not always needed in an entire photograph; sometimes we need that pop of color in specific areas. But how can we do this using Photoshop Elements? I have come up with a simple and quick technique for doing this:

1) Open your image.
2) Make a copy of your image by pressing CTRL+J.
3) Rename your layer - color burn
4) Make sure that your "color burn" layer is selected. To the right find you layers options (it should currently be set to normal). Change your layer to Color Burn.
5) The intensity of this will be determined by the image that you are working with. For my image I selected 46%.
6) Using your Soft Round eraser tool, erase away any portions of the "color burn" layer that you do not want to have the color burn applied to. (Be sure you are working in the "color burn" layer.
7) Check you work by hiding the bottom layer. If you see spaces that you missed simply apply your eraser tool to those areas.

This is a really easy and quick way to get that pop of color that you want. It takes under 5 minutes! 


Model Credit: Jessica Villa

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