Monday, November 29, 2010

The Photo Shoot Project

I know that I often post a series of pictures from my photography adventures, but there has been something on my mind and on my heart.

So many women watch shows like America's Next Top Model, look in magazines such as Vogue and Style, and think to themselves: That would be so much fun! This made me start to think about a project, that enables women who are not in the fashion industry to experience the photo shoots that are for the elite. After all, isn't every woman someone special, someone beautiful, someone of importance?

So this marks the day that I will be working to help women have the photo shoots of their dreams! If you have an idea or dream for a photo shoot let me know on the Art Whims Photography facebook fan page or in a comment on this blog post. I am looking forward to working with women to capture those awesome pictures they always wanted!

The Photo Shoot Project is underway!

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